Vlaamse Overheid

Vlaamse Overheid

With a digital meter, you need less and do more.

How do you introduce a new mandatory energy meter?

“What will this cost me?”, “What do I have to do?” or “What is going to change for me?” You probably have a bunch of questions about the upcoming implementation of the digital energy meter. So we joined our forces with the Flemish Government and Fluvius to offer you answers. Spoiler: with a digital meter, you need less and do more.

It’s coming!

On the 1st of July 2019, it’s finally happening: the digital energy meter. From that day on, you’ll be able to easily keep track of your energy consumption and connect smart tech devices to your meter. Besides, as everything will soon happen automatically, you won’t have to report your meter readings manually anymore. Nice!

Is this mandatory?

Since a lot of people in Flanders still have questions about these changes, we’re here to reassure and inform them. Doing so, we focus on the main target groups:


Prosumers who are wondering what’s going to change; 

Budget meter users who are worrying about the cost;  

And builders and renovators who are curious about the new opportunities these new meters could create.

Besides, we’ll also tackle the question “Will I have to do something?”, which applies to all target groups.

Posters and website

We collaborated with photographer Alexander Popelier to create a fitting and recognizable image for each target group. We also took care of the structure and design of the website.

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