Koning Aap

Koning Aap

The goal: combining a minimal climate impact with the best possible positive impact on the local environment.

How do you help people to travel in a sustainable way?

No matter how you spin it, traveling always has an ecological impact. So should you stay at home? Well, no. There are things you can do to keep your negative impact to a minimum. Travel agency Koning Aap (and its umbrella tour operator Avontuur) are taking action to make sustainable travel a reality. And in this era of ‘flight shaming’, that’s a tale that deserves to be told.

Koning Aap is the best-known organization under the wings of Avontuur (which also includes Shoestring and Yourway2go). Avontuur pulls out all the stops to make eco-friendly travel a reality, which makes it the most sustainable travel organization in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Only staying in is more sustainable

If you choose the most eco-friendly operator, only staying in is more sustainable. That’s the core idea we used as the foundation for this campaign.

Minimum negative, maximum positive

To make Avontuur’s engagement as clear and tangible as possible, we introduced the ‘min/max’ principle. This principle describes Avontuur’s efforts to combine a minimal climate impact with the best possible positive impact on the local environment. For example, you’ll typically compensate 125% of your flight’s CO2 emissions, receive a €100 discount if you pick the most sustainable direct flight, and travel on land as much as possible once you reach your destination.

Also, your trip is organized to support local entrepreneurs and social projects. Most of the time, you’ll even be able to sleep or eat in local people’s homes. This campaign was launched in Belgium and the Netherlands through newspapers and magazines, direct mail, web, and social media.

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