EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel

Products with the EU Ecolabel aren’t just powerful to those who use them, but also kind to the planet.

How do you put sustainable products in the spotlight?

Hurray! The EU Ecolabel turns 25, and that should be celebrated in style. With a new campaign, for instance! The federal government thought so, too, and knocked on our door to make it happen.

The European Ecolabel is the most important sustainability label in Europe. Products that meet these strict requirements aren’t just powerful to those who use them, but also kind to the planet. And since our planet is pretty vulnerable, that's something to take pride in.

The toughest test panel

For this campaign, we assembled the toughest test panel we could find. That’s because we didn’t ask people, but animals to test the products with the EU Ecolabel. After all, they know better than anyone what our planet needs.

Strong teamwork

We launched a radio campaign on Studio Brussels, Vivacité and Pure FM, and gave the message an extra boost with an online Facebook and Youtube campaign. Besides that, we organized constructive talks with all Belgian retailers. Delhaize, Carrefour, Kruidvat, Lidl and Colora accepted our invitation and pledged to make an effort to promote the EU Ecolabel online, via radio ads, and in-store with shelf posters. For Delhaize, we even wrapped the shopping carts as part of the campaign.

This campaign is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Dirk Domen. The illustrations were made by Ina Hallemans, while Zumo animated the social clips (the bear, the crocodile and the sheep).

Our radio spots were created by Studio Helsinki. Speaking of teamwork!

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