Many small elements create a perfect whole, and that idea is represented in the new brand image.

How do you make group purchases sexy?

With almost 15,000 customers, samensterker is the largest cooperative for group purchases in Flanders. Still, a lot of similar initiatives are slowly catching up. How can we make sure that samensterker continues to innovate and set the tone in the future?

A strategic riddle

Before we start, we want to know what samensterker truly represents. In collaboration with Like To Use we analysed the customer journey. After an elaborate brainstorm, we reached the following synthesis:

"Samensterker makes sustainable options accessible to everyone and makes sure we can lead a good life within the planet’s limitations. Their group purchases ensure that more people buy better, and therefore, live better."


Being the market leader is one thing. But to stay there, you have to stand out from the pack. That’s why we started the quest for a distinctive and future-proof brand identity for samensterker.

Visual identity

Long story short: the power of the group improves the lives of all its members. This idea is reflected in the new brand image of samensterker: many small elements create a perfect whole.

We designed a logo with a matching colour scheme and typography. For the visuals, we collaborated with photographer Pieter Neirynck. The final new brand identity was applied to the new website and in all other types of samensterker communications.

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