The ‘i’ in ‘Spits’ can be seen as a driving lane, pavement, cycling lane, road, waterway or train track.

Your way to work

Spits Gent is the brand new mobility coordination center in Ghent. Because that’s our beloved hometown (and, of course, for many other reasons), we were eager to take care of the name, logo, website of our fellow Ghentians.

You commute, you lose?

The regions Ghent South, Sint-Denijs-Westrem and Zwijnaarde are thriving, which causes a rise in commuter traffic. The city is joining forces with Traject and local business leaders to navigate this traffic flow as smoothly as possible. A mobility coordination center is supposed to determine the most sustainable and efficient commuting route for each employee and company.


It’s a fantastic idea, but admit it: ‘mobility coordination center’ doesn’t sound very catchy.

We wrecked our brains and came up with ‘Spits’, which is a Dutch reference to ‘rush hour traffic’. A fitting name for a center with the core purpose of making traffic run smoothly.

Looks good!

What about a logo? The ‘i’ in ‘Spits’ represents a driving lane and can easily be transformed into a pavement, cycling lane, road, waterway or train track. This way, the logo embodies what Spits represents: alternative and sustainable commuting routes for employees in the southern outskirts of Ghent.

And… there’s more!

After the name and logo, we took it one step further. We co-organized network events intending to solve mobility problems in Ghent’s southern suburbs. Also, we created the introduction video — check it out here!

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